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Short Form Wedding Video Storytelling
Concept Video:

A wedding concept video is a short tribute program that's written and produced prior to a wedding or event, than presented at the event on big screen.

Short Form Wedding Video Storytelling
Short version wedding video, Mountain Winery


Chris Hennessy’s wedding videography style is documentary and unobtrusive with a unique and creative personal touch. That means he films real footage from your wedding and edits a factual, chronological story from your event. The main characters are you and your people who came to celebrate! Chris also works as a team player with all your vendors to ensure a successful outcome.


Chris’ does not over-produce his wedding videography. That means he films (with one assistant) and edits by himself. Your wedding video program isn’t over-edited with cheesy effects. (see above) What you get is a highly crafted, quality and entertaining wedding video program from an experienced, competent and dedicated wedding videographer. Typical price range is $1500-$2500.


Short Story wedding videography is what we do best!

Your wedding video is a story, and any story… a book, TV program or a movie should never be too long. Today, long is associated with boring, and nobody these days has the time or desire to watch a long wedding video story.


Chris has crafted hundreds of short story wedding programs and they typically run around 10-15 minutes. These short-form, creative, fast-paced, meticulously edited and entertaining programs are perfect to show off to friends and family without asking for too much of their time. Our clients consistently mention that everyone is impressed, entertained and never seeking the fast-forward button! You’ll be proud to show off your short story wedding video and you won’t have to watch an hour or more every time you want to relive your wedding day!


* note- Every client also gets a long video version that typically runs approx. between 1-2 hours.


"Concept Video" Add-On

A wedding concept video is a short program that's written and produced prior to a wedding or event, than presented at the event on big screen.


"Chris co-wrote, produced-directed this short tribute video that was presented at my daughter’s wedding reception, Auberge du Soleil, Napa, CA.

Chris was awesome to work with: ,idea driven, lightening-quick-wit-during filming, and an amazing ability to direct us. When presented, the entire audience was in stitches."
Del W. Masters, Father of the Bride


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