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Celebration of Life at Mavericks Event Center
Memorial Service-Celebration of Life at Los Gatos Memorial Park
Remembrance Interviews filmed at After-Service Reception

Actual Client Tribute Video with photos/video and added music:

Actual Client Tribute Video with photos/video/films/narration and added music:

"Thank you so much for being there for us, being so professional and pleasant to everyone, and all your work to bring this wonderful completed video to us!"
-Richard Burnett, Barney's son


To have a quality, professionally produced video from a Memorial Service and Celebration of Life event enables you, your friends, family and future generations to know, honor and remember your loved oneís history and legacy. I have professionally, sensitively and unobtrusively videotaped dozens of these services since 1999.


The incredibly touching and uplifting stories and memories that are spoken so eloquently during the eulogies are remarkably conducive to professional event videography. Filming the guests arriving and greeting each other prior to the service ensures youíll forever be able to see those who came to celebrate.


I work together as a team with you, your venue and officiant to ensure a successful event and an unobtrusive video production. Please take a look at the videos on this page and youíll see why filming this once in a lifetime event is such an important memento. Than feel free to email or call me per the info on the Contact Page


Your Finished Video

We can email the video program via Youtube or Vimeo. You can share your video with the world, or I can make it private so only designated friends and family can watch. We can also email your video via dropbox.com as well as provide the finished-edited videos and the raw footage on an external hard drive that you provide. DVDís are also available.


Tribute (Life History) Video to show at the event:

A Tribute Video tells the story of your loved one's life by incorporating photographs, film and video clips and even narration (if desired) all set to the music of your choice.


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