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Training Video & Product Demos


Safety Training video with Professional Spanish narration

Safety Training Video with Professional English Narration

Misc. Clips from Kaiser RC video trainings

Demo Video for Brutus Power Tub


Training Videos simply show how a product or machine works, or how it can be maintained and serviced.


Training videos can be used in several different ways:

  • On your website, etc, for self-serve, easy-to-navigate support for your all your customers
  • Sales. Potential clients can have your online support videos so they can watch the product in action and see how it works.
  • packaged with product, improving the out-of-the-box experience for your new customers
  • To entice viewers and new clients by showing your product in action
  • Potential customers can view powerful endorsements from your satisfied clients.

Product Demos

Product overviews, “getting started, ” training videos” make new or potential customers and employees feel productive right away.  Customers need and expect a comprehensive walk-through and a detailed explanation with solid information, in order to be satisfied with their product training.  The content needs to engage the viewer, keep their attention, and communicate simply and effectively.


We spend time getting to know your audience, learning intricacies of your business and the reason for the new product. This helps us to understand your clients. Through our extensive experience, we’ve learned the tricks to producing a video that gets you results.


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