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Employee Testimonial Interviews for Recruiting Employees
Testimonial examples for BCA Architects
Chris Directing a Testimonial Interview
Company Testimonial & Tribute Video to a long time retiring male employee 
Company Testimonial & Tribute Video to a long time retiring female employee
Astronaut (apollo 13) interview


Testimonial Videos

Your prospective customers and employees may want to hear what previous clients have to say about your company, it’s culture, employees and products. We have produced dozens of client testimonial videos and we know how effective they are in immediately establishing a sense of trust and confidence in your prospective client.


A portfolio of customer video testimonials centered around the true words of your satisfied customers, and even employees, is a powerful communicator and marketing tool. When customers are willing to talk about their first-hand experiences with your organization and share the value they have gained, their words carry a lot of weight and offer much credibility.


Where to use your testimonial videos:

Publish testimonial videos onto your web site and link to them with your online advertising, email and newsletter campaigns. Include them on your Youtube, Blog, Twitter and Facebook. Embed video clips in presentations for sales calls or project them at trade show events to engage and attract attendees. They can be used to pitch a unique PR angle. Share them with potential partners and venture capitalists and share them with your entire company to boost morale. It’s impossible to find another marketing tool that works so well for so many different audiences.


On-Camera Interviews:

The biggest part of our job is talking to people. We’re communicators, and often we have to do our talking on camera. We’ve conducted thousands of video production interviews. We know how important a good interview is to making sure your video turns out perfect.


Chris Hennessy gets his subjects to relax, laugh, feel comfortable, inspired and than perform at their best. The atmosphere he creates is loose and stressless, that way we find they’re able to open up and express themselves as freely as possible. Using the latest advances in high definition cameras, lighting and mics, your interview will simply look beautiful and sound pristine. We want your subjects to look as good as your message sounds.


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