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Promo Video for the American Cancer Society (ACS)
Silver Creek Valley Country Club Promo

Promo video from Company Conference/Summit highlights

Promo video helps fill 15,000 Seats at Chase field, Volleyball Festival 2012
Promo for company that produces Trade shows worldwide


Promo video-Office Max



Almost anything imaginable that relates to your company (it’s culture, conferences, special events, trainings, products, client testimonials, employee recruiting) can be filmed and crafted into a short promotional video that gets watched, gets your message across and boosts your companies brand and image. If you’re interested in pursuing our services we’ll sit down, listen to your ideas and visions and than expand upon them and add our ideas. Having a successful working relationship and collaborating together will ensure you get a quality finished video. We’ll show you what needs to be done and how to make the video become a reality.


Clever marketers realize that once their video is produced and paid for the options for free on-line advertising, marketing and promotion are only limited to one's imagination. Placing your videos onto your website, email blasts, Youtube, Vimeo, Blog, Twitter & Facebook means that your company, it's products and services are advertised directly to your target audience for FREE!


Here’s a couple of Promotional Video Tips. Keep your video short, tell the story as quickly as possible. Typical length can be anywhere from thirty seconds to three minutes. Think of how to get your audience to want to watch the video. Why would a prospective client want to click the play button? A catchy title and unique thumbnail are great help.


Keeping the audience’s attention is crucial. Your goal is to get your message seen, heard and only than will you get the desired results. The first ten seconds of the video have to grab them and keep them watching. Telling the story in an entertaining, comical, edgy and fast-moving way is the best method to accomplish this. Only when you hire an experienced professional video production company with proven promotional video results will your video best represent YOUR COMPANY to clients and prospective clients.


Your finished videos are emailed to you as a video file via dropbox.com. We can also post your video on your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Email Blasts, etc.


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