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Promotional-video used by ESC trade show's for worldwide promo


Mu Sigma Conference promo-video to attract new attendees, promote brand

Conference/Meeting/Summit Highlights presented at end-of-event

Time-lapse trade show set up, 3 days on floor, breakdown


Custom Video Connection can liven your conference with entertaining and results-getting videos!
Your conference is a crucial event for your organizations marketing and overall business efforts. The annual gathering of folks together at one time to network, improve, learn and see what’s new in the industry. Many large conferences and trade shows will seek outside sources to entertain, motivate and add inspiration to their event. We are 100% confident in our abilities to do just that with videos that can be produced prior to the convention to feature at your event.


We produce videos that promote conference attendance and to “Wow!” them, get them energized and laughing right from the start. Here are a few examples of films we can produce to present at your Conference. (please check out the video examples above) Breaking the ice right from the start is accomplished by creating and presenting a short humorous conference opener video. This video will set a positive mood for your entire meeting.


A welcome from your organizations executives is a fast and perfect way to get an effective message across to everyone. Chris Hennessy directs this short and fairly simple shoot and knows how to prepare the best questions and ad-lib even better follow-ups that bring out their best performance. Only the most effective clips are used to create your finished video.


Our Custom Short Story Video is legendary and usually featured at the event conclusion. It’s a funny and entertaining flick that includes the totality of your event in just a couple of rocking minutes. The action, seminars, dinners, laughs and best testimonials are crafted into a three to five minute reality show. If your goal is to leave them smiling, excited and inspired there’s no better way, guaranteed! After the Conference many of our clients use their videos as promotional pieces for their Website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, email-blasts, etc. Email to everyone in a few months to re-inspire and keep the momentum going.


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