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Custom Video Connection's specialty is filming conferences, seminars, meetings and panel discussions in San Jose and the entire San Fransisco Bay Area. We have filmed too many to count!


Whether your event is a one hour panel discussion, or a three day conference with multiple speakers and panels, we can accommodate your needs and provide high quality finished videos. Our experience, expertise and new state-of-the-art video equipment will ensure pristine audio and video.


We guarantee youíll be thrilled your videos and the entire experience of working with us!


Please call today for a fair and reasonable price quote.


Our Custom Short Story Highlights Video can be featured at your eventís conclusion. Itís an entertaining and humorous film that includes the totality of your conference in just a couple of highly edited and entertaining minutes. The action, seminars, dinners, laughs and best testimonials are crafted into a three to five minute film. This video will leave them smiling, excited and inspired!


After the Conference many of our clients use their Custom Short Story Highlights Video as a promotional piece for their Website, Social Media and email-blasts. Email to attendees in a few months to re-inspire and keep the momentum going.


You can also use the highlights video to bolster attendance at next years event.


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